Farmers Golden Harvest Box CSA


This is a sample picture of what is in the box you will get twice once in April and once in November

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  • Bread flour. For those homemade bread and rolls etc
  • Pastry flour. Great for cookies, muffins, donuts, cakes etc.
  • Cornmeal. Don’t judge it until you try it! You’ve never tasted cornmeal like this in you cornbread or Johnny cakes. Makes great lemon squares too!
  • Rolled Oats. Face it you all know how to use those đŸ™‚ Our favorite for granola and chuck wagon cookies
  • Dry Beans. Chili, Cuban black beans, baked beans and soups
  • Peas. They make the best lamb pea soup!
  • I will also be adding some of our favorite recipes so you can try out everything in your box!
  • 500ml Sunflower oil. That’s right we grow it, harvest it and press it right here on our farm!!
  • Garlic powder. You guessed it!! Grown, harvested and dehydrated right here at Rusted Rooster Farm! Beware packs a bigger punch then your garlic powder from the big box store.
  • Rye Flour. Great for rye breads and cookies
  • Buckwheat Flour. Great for pancakes
  • Homemade Pancake mix. Mixed here on the farm with our flour
  • Also a bag of corn tortillas made from OUR CORN from our friends at TortillerĂ­a Pachanga!!!!



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